About Avodah

Avodah works with companies that have a social conscience and are working on some level to develop solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges in sectors such as sustainable agriculture, affordable housing, accessible education and healthcare, clean technology and financial services.


Dr. Richard Swart

Co-Founder & CEO


Thomas Carter

Founder, Director


Jeff Johns

Co-Founder and Chairman


Aimee Minnich

Co-Founder, CIO and Director

Our Promise to Investors



We leave less to assumption for investors looking to allocate funds towards impact-focused emerging companies. Because we work closely with listed companies through a structured process early on, we become their most knowledgeable partner.


Full Compliance

We ensure that each listed company has followed the straight and narrow path to being fully compliant with state and federal regulations. With all of their corporate governance documents in place, we help makes things run smoother for everyone in the long run.


Deep Access

Thanks to our partnership with Capital Services Group, we are proud to provide investors with deep access to company information and immediate access to company financials. The level of access is unparalleled to any other platform in the marketplace to date.

Our Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs


Investment Packaging

Avodah provides client companies with the development of investor collateral materials, an investor-ready business plan and prepped offering documents to help client companies more effectively pitch and present to their network.


Capitalization Strategy

After running our standard due diligence process, we design the most ideal capitalization strategy for each of the companies that become a part of our community, based on the financial model and pro forma developed early on.


Data Room

A central repository of all sensitive company documents that gives investors and other key stakeholders immediate access to important information. The result is a more fluid, smoother due diligence process for investors.


Strategic Advisory

We provide an unparalleled level of guidance and coaching – we help our companies fine-tune their presentations, perfect their “go to market” strategies and make strategic introductions as well.


Corporate Housekeeping

As part of our commitment to transparency, each client company undergoes our compliance process. The end result are centralized corporate governance documents, a well maintained company minute book, and more.


Marketing & Branding

Finally, we work closely with clients to ensure a successful fundraising campaign. Our brand experts and designers have worked with hundreds of emerging companies over the past 25 years.